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Transport Tickets


A ticket is the valid document in physical or electronic format, which entitles the holder to travel between two predetermined physical points (starting and destination), issued or authorized by the carrier or by a his authorized agent.

The integrated transport tickets in the metropolitan transport network are univiaje the ticket, and the ticket wallet.

The Single Ticket, a bearer is valid for a single journey on metropolitan lines (bus and boat), and you get on buses and marine service terminals. The rate to be applied to this title is higher than the other titles.

The ticket multiple, known asTransport Card, is a title in electronic format supported by a contactless smart card that functions as "cash card" and recharged for the amount you want your own budget.

There are two types of tickets multiple, as anonymous or nominative, which allow the possibility of transfer between reduced price lines. These titles will apply a lower rate than the single ticket.

The tittle of Anonymous transport multi-travel , can be obtained at any point in the sales network of the Consortium, and allows them to perform one or several people travel simultaneously, provided you have sufficient funds, for an unlimited time and unlimited rides on the lines integrated Transport Consortia Andalusia.

The tittle of transport multi-travel nominative existing large family is, which can be purchased at the office of the Consortium meeting the requirements set, and will have the validity period corresponding to the large family category to which the owner belongs. This title allows the holder to travel to, provided you have sufficient funds being in force, an unlimited number of times on the Consortiums integrated lines of Transport in Andalusia.





  • Based on contactless chip technology.
  • Obtained en puntos de venta authorized in all municipalities paying € 1.50 as a deposit and effecting a minimum charge of 5 €.
  • Can be made Refills from 5 € to 200 €and the reconfigurable skips when desired.
  • Allows for cancellations and transfersmore than one user.
  • Can be done in all metropolitan areas of Andalusia with integrated fare system